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A Move to the Cloud will actually benefit cyber security protection

February 7, 2011

A recent study by the Center for Strategic and International Studies observed the fact that the use of cloud computing technology could actually benefit national cyber security and data protection practices.   The study, by Network World reports, explains how actual cloud computing can actually “aggregate and automate” cyber security, because it takes data protection responsibilities away from customers and businesses and gives them to service providers, which are generally more capable of dealing with cyber threats.

“The move to the cloud is not a silver bullet that will solve all cyber security problems, but it is part of a larger move to a more mature infrastructure that includes the automation of security practices and monitoring,” the report goes on to state

It goes on to say that security practices will be further enhanced if government agencies can find a way to work more effectively with cloud service providers.

Both cloud computing and Cyber security are expected to play larger roles in government in 2011. In December, the Office of Management and Budget issued a memo to federal agencies urging them to adopt a “cloud-first approach” to IT solutions.

Your next job might be a Temp

May 3, 2010

ERP takes the largest pie out of the IT investments of an organization and the success or failure of its deployment heavily impacts the growth and expansion plans in both ways.

It is well known that all ERP projects are not successful and a search for a sure shot recipe for success is still on by many organizations who currently depend on the experience and knowledge of their consulting partners to make their biggest IT foray into a growth engine.

This very quest, took a new turn in the recent economic downturn when organizations started “renting CIOs” specifically for these (ERP) jobs and few early successes are making this a not only a new trend, but also a best practice in the ERP field.

The article at InfoVerto discusses the best practice, its nuances and the pros & cons that will make a backbone of the framework that will drive this trend & best practice to grow further.