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Is there a role for the CIO in Business Process Outsourcing?

November 4, 2009

In my previous posts I spoke about outsourcing and offshoring as it pertains to IT. But what about business pocess outsourcing (BPO)? Is there a role for the CIO to play in this decision?

The answer is very simple and unequivocal – YES. Today, though the decision to outsource / offshore business processes may not be taken by a CIO, but the CIO has a significant role to play in the decision.

The role that the CIO plays in this decision is centered around the availability and access to the information for the department that is being outsourced. Information Systems are the backbone of BPO. By implementing the right Information Systems to automate business processes and creating a technology environment that can be modulated. BPO will not succeed if it is not backed by a strong Information Systems.

By implementing the right software applications / products, the CIO plays a significant role by providing transparency to the business owners on the near real time performance by the BPO Service Provider.

Without the contribution from CIO and his team, the actual BPO arrangement is more than likely face some difficulties.